3DMeltdown is a discord community dedicated to 3D Printing, 3D Printers and modelling. 


The average knowledge of the members is above average about 3d printer upgrades, modification, debugging, firmware like marlin and klipper, board stock and skr, mks gen and the like, stepper drivers including the tmc 2208 and 2209, slicer help for cura and simplify 3d (s3d), auto bed leveling like BLTouch, 3DTouch and more,  and any other subject surrounding the hobby.


This community was created as a non-affiliated place to talk about things, mainly 3D printing related. There's plenty of other servers, but they are too large, or affiliated, or owned by some company who uses it as a commercial initiative. This place is not, this place is yours.

You will join a highly knowledgeable group of people

Newbie welcome! We can also provide advice and support for new printers and opinion about many of them.

We will help you with almost any issue with your 3d printer! From brand new stock to highly customized printers, marlin, skr board, tmc 2208 2209 drivers, voron, you will find it.

Creality ender 3, ender 5, ender 2, CR-10, anet, voron, two trees sapphire, LCD printers, prusa are a few of the printers used by our members